Saturday, April 26, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 11: Sappy Love Letter

We have only "known" each other for a little over a month now. 

And I can tell already, that unlike any other girl I've met before, you keep conversation exciting, keep me laughing and have a certain charisma to you. 

I have never "met" such an unabashedly funny girl as you before. 

Nor I have I ever been less guarded when talking to a girl before. I put any self-consciousness I may have aside and stop caring. Which is the best feeling in the world. 

I have never felt with a girl before that there was a real two-way flow of conversation as there is with you. Before, I have always had to carry the conversation throughout. 

And our conversation doesn't even necessarily have to be structured. I can simply ramble on, talk about nothing or ask you spontaneous questions. 

My day is complete after I talk to you.  

The greatest shame of all though, is that we have not yet met. 

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