Saturday, April 26, 2014


The women who want you the least always seem to be oddly the most desirable. 

Na twarzy


How does Poland have such a different language than Germany, despite it being a neighbor? 

To be manly in Polsnf (and thus get a girl), you must be 1) brutish, crude, brusque, impolite, 2) be bald or have short hair and 3) certainly not wear pink shirts. 

Warsaw, Poland: the most German Polish city, where most of the people look tired and like they are on the verge of depression, the women no longer look like Russian supermodels and the men dress like hipsters. 

Life's too short to have only car friends. 

Why I could never live in Poland: the food here is too delicious and cheap that I would become obese, the women are too beautiful and I would be forced to marry multiple of them, the Vodka is too good and my liver would burst and the people here are too nice and I would have too many friends. Yes, sadly I probably belong in gray, heartless and perfect Germany. 

Speaking German in Poland yields scornful glares of hatred, while 

1. German, scornful glares of hatred
2. English, curious glances 

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