Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 16: Skepticism Pays off

Ever since I had my encounter with a German girl on my way to the post office, I have been jaded about girls. And that has been mostly for good.

This skepticism about any potential relationship having the slightest chance of ever taking off has made me more durable for the common occurrence of when they don't. One could argue, however, that being so skeptical can make it so that no potential relationship will in fact have any chance of success.

But in truth, I'm simply so tired of the "Hi, my name is ...," "I am from," all the bullshit in between and simply dealing with bitchy girls who think they are hot shit. You can, in most cases, detect when a girl has a rotten personality by the way she carries herself.

If she pays no attention to anyone or anything surrounding her, whether that means she is trapped behind the backlit screen of her smartphone, rapidly messaging people who are clearly more important than the ones physically standing around her or behind the lenses of designer sunglasses, similarly oblivious to the events happening around her, this is a red flag for a seriously narcissistic girl. And these types are far too easy to spot in Germany, where strangers very nearly never make smalltalk with one another and people are trapped in their bubbles of personal space.

A narcissistic girl is often troublesome because while she may be beautiful, she is keenly aware of this and will manipulate her beauty to get whatever she wants to every end. A narcissistic girl is the sort to tell you how awful her day was without you even asking, the one who gets angry at you for not doing things that you had no idea bothered her, the kind of girl that is, and will forever remain, impossible to please. You can be either her Prince Charming (handsome and romantic), or her royal steed (strong and dependable), but never both. And neither will ever quench her insatiable thirst for her concept of what constitutes a "real man."

Such a girl will always yearn for you to be more romantic, referring to what her girlfriends' husbands have done, or what unattainable [garbage] ideas of "romance" films have put in her head.

Staying single strong.

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