Saturday, April 26, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 13

Set your expectations accordingly 

I have a friend who is far too shy to talk to new girls. In a supermarket, for example, he was ashamed to ask a worker there for where the butter was. 

How on earth he expects to get a girl puzzles me... He wants a girl who is forward. I've wanted what he wanted for a long time until I broke out of my shell and started talking to girls. And guess what? Such a dream is just that: a dream. 

I had one experience with a girl who was the forward one. 

You see, as far as I understand it, it's a tricky balancing act for girls. Do they act forward and risk being labeled as "slutty" or promiscuous and in the process, jeopardize their reputation? And as far as I know, all (if not, most) girls want real love in their lives and not just the physical kind, being relegated to glorified slant pieces. 

Then on the other hand, are girls to idly sit by, only to wait for "Mr. Right" to come by? What if he doesn't exist, or what if said shy girl is so shy that she misses out on meeting so many potential courtiers...? 

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