Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Düsseldorf, Germany: Day 1

Today was very tiring. So tiring in fact, after getting off my 9-hour plane ride from Chicago, I went to my host family's house only to be introduced to the residents (which include six students studying German from Israel, China and Peru), grilled and ate lunch with said family and went to play beach volleyball with a Pole, a Russian, a Hungarian and three Israelis. The walk to the indoor volleyball court in a former warehouse was long and exhausting, no thanks to the sweltering heat of the German metropolis.

Later, we went to the Altstadt (old city, or the city center) to eat. My newfound friends wanted Burger King, but I wanted a Döner Kebab...mmm. It's a Turkish street-food for which I have heard raving reports. The one okay, but not excellent. This was probably because my friend, Bartłomiej said there was a better and cheaper stand by IIK where we study German.

Bis morgen!

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