Monday, May 7, 2012

My Instagram Attempts

Over the past two days I have found myself completely engulfed in Instagram. I cannot believe how much fun it is to take my [car] photos and add a few filters, brightener and blur effects.

 I think it's the app's ease of use that makes it so addictive. I mean, it's so simplistic. Who comes up to you and says, "Man, have you tried out this new program?! It's called Photoshop!" By comparison, Photoshop is like molecular physics. 
Also, the speed at which you can produce (churn) pieces of art (shit) out is unparalleled. I include those parentheses because most of the content on Instagram really doesn't deserve filters or any of the other effects the app offers because they're crap with or without the filters. 
People like to feel like they're professionals, when in actuality, they don't deserve half of the attention or support they've garnered. Little do they realize you can take a picture of feasibly anything, Instagramize it and it'll turn out at least alright. 
And yes, I realize, all I damn post are car pictures. Get over it.
I don't know about you, but I think my "work" is a step above the majority of the selfies and wannabe-hipster landfill that take up the majority of Instagram's server storage.
You be the judge.
If I'm honest, the black and white photo above this very text is absolutely exquisite. 
This almost looks like a toy.
Give me your feedback, like always there is room for improvement, or so I'm told.

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