Thursday, May 3, 2012

Enormous Frustration: SCCA Northwest Indiana Region for April 15, 2012

I realize this is weeks old now, but after searching for my results online, I found that for my first official autocross, I did very competently. I felt I deserved a far better result with the times I was clocking it at. But no, the SCCA seems to have a deep-seated hatred for all things BMW.

My, or should I say, my father's 2007 BMW 328xi, for which he was gracious enough to allow me to drive to the [not so] wonderful city of Gary, IN to participate in the Northwest Indiana Region SCCA autocross for Sunday, April 15, 2012.

In an older post, I said how "great" things went. Sure. They went real "great." No really, as cynical as I sound, they really did go quite well. However, I am quite astonished with how unfair the SCCA rulings are for my FULLY, GODDAMN STOCK BMW. Not a single modification was made to this car. Not only because it isn't mine, but also because its sole [and quite sad] purpose to to carry people from the proverbial "point A" to "point B." If you can ever pinpoint them on a map for me, get back to me and I'll give you a cookie.

Anyway, back to how unfair the SCCA is to BMWs. My dad's car was fully stock, and yet, I was placed in the ASP group, which implies that I have GODDAMN high performance tires, GODDAMN coilovers, GODDAMN brake upgrades, and any other sort of GODDAMNNESS. No. I had all-season run-flat tires, OEM brakes, OEM suspension, and not a mod to be seen, unless you consider my sister's wonderfully artistic scrape to the right of the front bumper. But seriously.

 Here are my results if you dare to look. Look for my name, it's "Michael Lenoch," in case you happened to forget. The best raw time I posted was a 48.152. Which is not bad. Not bad at all. Especially noting what I had to work with here, people!

My Results ARE HERE!

See, I am so angry with this situation because of how screwed I got thanks to what the rulebook said. If you look at my, and my fellow novice competitors' raw times, you will see that I fairly got fifth place out of eight. However, I would and [damn well] should have received a better time multiplier from being placed in the D-Stock group, which I never was. Sure, we read it in the handbook. 2006-2010 BMW 3 Series automobiles belong in ASP (that's "A Street Prepared") group, but this made no sense. The only competition I had in my class was a fully modified 1993 Mazda RX-7 with coilovers, summer tires and brakes. Okay, SCCA, that's fair.

And your organization is a joke.

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