Thursday, May 31, 2012

Düsseldorf, Germany: Day 3

Day 3 on my German adventures was thoroughly alright. I had my first class, for which the professor was absolutely hilarious. However, the class seemed to drag on for four hours... oh wait, it is four hours! I guess the afternoon is not the best time for my brain to function. My vision grew blurry, I couldn't focus and consecutively answered questions wrong. As much as I loved my teacher, after that class, I requested to change for mornings. Fingers crossed I get the spot!

Later that day, though, things got better. I played a one-on-one match of soccer with my Israeli friend, Sadeq in the gravel court (think tennis court, but with two large metal squares made of metal pipes on each side). When we were then adequately dusty, we went on a run through our small village. Understandably, Sadeq had to take three breaks. I say understandably because he doesn't usually run. That'll change now that I'm here. 

Bis morgen!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Sadeq spielt Fußball! Kann er nicht laufen??? :p gute blog...