Sunday, September 29, 2013


I've been to a few nations in my life,
and none of them nearly as breath-taking. I've seen seemingly billions of video clips, images, and other modern forms of media about and around all things German. But finally, today is the day I was to make that abundantly anticipated impression to the German people at large -- to be collloquial, funny, social, and to be willing to make a fool of myself if that means I would get some speaking experience out of it. The flight prior to this spurt of angst was unbearable to say the least. I was fed twice, and have been in one relative position for the last eight hours. I am willing to bet I could run from Frankfurt to München, our two destinations for this trip. Well I better impress my parents, the Germans around me, and make a fool of myself while astounding them both with my finess and skill that I so greatly utilized in order to earn the knowledge of the German language I know at this very moment. With eight hours of mental preparation, I am confident I will make a stellar, unabashed performance.


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