Sunday, September 29, 2013


As we kiss our beloved July away,
There is only one thing I can bear to say,
I will miss her gleaming rays, and vibrant colors,
In her stead, will be dear August, unlike all others,
The relaxation she provides is unparalled, and will surely never be forgotten,
Although we must wade through all the seasons, be they dreary, or be they rotten,
In my younger years, have I rarely appreciated oh sweet July,
But now that I've lived through a frigid winter, I may as well cry,
For that winter will inevitably come again,
To pass the time, we must count ten, ten, and omce again ten again,
And by that rewarding time, oh my,
Surely we deserve some variety to something different finally try,
For life strives on new experiences and new joys to be had,
We must cherish our time, for eventually, will we be not glad.


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