Sunday, September 29, 2013

True Learning

Progressing our species, in some cases, we are,
We may think this, but in trueness, the world, we mar,
Appealing to the economy and seeing what sticks in this ever-evolving modern life,
But to work, work, more we must, to only promote pollution to become ultimately even more rife with dust,
Intelligence is a question not answered by many,
Especially by those who only bear a penny,
City people, so numerous and neglected,
Stuffed in a smoky haven of selfish individuals who stay connected,
What is this world coming to?
Certainly not any closer to the days of the sky, so wonderous and blue,
Children are failing, misusing the English language,
Their only medium to communication,
But one question that no one can answer is whether or not I am a self-delusioned scholar,
As all the opinions and criticisms of those around me are purely subjective, so why should I bother?
Do I credit myself or over-validate my opinion?
The annoyance of constant laughter and internal noise,
Is this a thing that we are prone to be poised?
Cunning, convincing and swindling too,
There is nothing a money-grubbing American won't do,
For more of it, and more of it, the dirty green substance,
And in the end, who knows, none of it will we have a chance,
And forget life's truest values, and to sell them off for a minor monetary gain,
In America, we are forced to purchase our "happiness", a fact that will have me willingly flee to Spain,
America is slow to adapt, and to spread the theory of green,
And by doing so, America is proving less likely for it to be a side in which I would lean,
Americans would not be so attached to their native land had they known the beauty that lies abroad,
And for their blissful ignorance, I satirically applaud,
For luckily, my green Europe will not be mucked away by the land-grabbing Americans and their empires of wealth,
For I shall reside humbly in Germany in comfort and stealth.


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