Sunday, September 29, 2013


My heart is leaving my body,
My reistance is growing thin,
I anticipate the arduous car ride that lies ahead,
I think of the cramped car and the ensuing arguments between siblings, and sometimes parents alike,
I feel like staying home,
Yet I know I must attend this or that party or celebration, and must somehow find an activity that will pass the time,
I hope my youth does not slip away,
My mother is screaming like
a maniac, trying to gather the family, ignorant of the discussions upstairs,
I anticipate the cleaning I'll be forced to do once I arrive home,
I look out the windows and regret the stellar day I could be having,
I smell the intoxicating scent of the world's perfumes combined, making me quesy,
I imagine how easy it would be if my cousins lived within walking distance,
I sense the sensitivity of my family when in such close proximity and how easily a heated debate could emerge,
I do my best to not object or arouse any anger in my family by acting complacent,
My mother does the same as she adjusts  the route-divising GPS,
My father mocks his own arrogance and age, my family family responds joyfully with laughter,
Contrary to as I predicted, this car ride is progressing smoothly,
My family discusses the anti-social qualities of my cousin -- the cousin who is having the graduation party, my mother calls him a "blob",
My sister is the first to notice the repugnant scent,
My mother then turns on the air conditioning, retorting with an "eew",
Throughout the concrete expanses, my mother earns her title as 'most wobbly driver'


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