Sunday, September 29, 2013

The wind, how arbitrary and serene

The wind, how arbitrary and serene,
Cooling the world at every scene,
Flowing like the wings of a butterfly, undisturbed, and ceaseless,
And its presence oh how conspicuous it is, like a sweltering day that goes breezeless,
Moving like a constant wave, over every man woman and child, breathing great life into them,
And its exhaling, so incredibly natural as a stem,
The wind is the most reliable companion, wherever one goes, it shalll go along,
And so, wherever it may go it shall be quite strong,
It is slow and vivid, rather harmonious too,
The greatest thing is that it's always surrounded by blue,
The wind, the freest creature to exist,
Even moreso than the being of mist,
Its smooth great claws pull the ocean ever so nearer,
Bringing that which it pulls ever so clearer,
Immersing one into great daze of delight,
Nearly so daunting, it evokes fright,
That which I speak of involves the undersea,
Had you in any case experienced any swimming with glee,
Then you would be rather informed and aware,
And not delirious and up asnare,

Posted: 4.11.09

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