Sunday, September 29, 2013


Soccer. When I say the very word, what comes to mind? Excitement, national pride, glory, and triumph may be a few words that epitomize the beautiful game. The FIFA World Cup is the most bombastic and intense culmination of all the world’s soccer tournaments. Since 1930, the World Cup has stunned fans with unexpected victories, housed upsets, and thrived as the world’s premier soccer event.

An estimated________ fans come from far and wide to see the World Cup every four years. This year, the World Cup is set to take place in South Africa in 2010, with the final match to take place in the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg. According to, “nearly 400 million people will be traveling to South Africa” for all of the World Cup matches across ten different locations throughout South Africa. The largest stadium in all of South Africa, the Soccer City Stadium is anticipated to seat an enormous crowd of 95,000 screaming, jumping, and enthralled fans, sitting on the edge of every seat. For years, the World Cup has rendered as the spark to some of the world’s most notorious rivalries, a few being, Argentina and Brazil, England and Germany, France and Italy, and Argentina and England.

What puts soccer at the top of the sports hierarchy is its pace of play, the pure energy that is incessently exerted by each and every fan, and above all the universal love countries share for soccer with each other.


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