Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A hopeless stringing of words

A hopeless stringing of words,
An expression, oh how profound,
I intend to express myself, as if to astound
The senses that is,
Of readers and children and all who lives,
To be an artist in my craft, and to perfect it is my goal,
Shall it happen, whom shall know?

My sister,
Arguing the function,
Of a word like because,
Be it shortened, or be it a conjunction,
Slang is a thing she loves,
Endlessly shortening words,
Condemning and twisting the truth,
And speaking turds,
Always washing and cleaning her tooth.
As if that were to solve the least of our problems,
One, being her vanity,

Not to mention her great insanity,
16. Oktober 2009

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