Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Love the Freedom

I love the freedom of wearing shorts,
The act of being clothed, but at the same time, with nudity, in cohorts,
My legs, hairy and natural, allowed to breathe,
And by wearing shorts, they shall a healthy tan achieve,
They make me feel young, happy, and athletic,
Unlike how elderly and businessman-like I feel during the day, pathetic,
I am active, comfortable, and mobile,
Rather than tired, uncomfortable, and noble,
At this moment, I am not a political leader, nor a Mass attendee,
I don't see why those old ladies in the offices of life don't let me be me,
Let me wear shorts in winter, and happily freeze,
Rather than itching away, still cold, oh please, 
But no, it is a sinple matter of fact, That wearing shorts is an indecent act,
To leave one's body exposed,
Is sure to render the eyes of others immediately closed,
It is a shame, a disrespect to them,
Those cardigan-wearing pompous fools,
Who thrive on honor, pride, and pristine pools,
The ones that grant me strange looks in public places,
As I traipe with my short clothing, bearing no [condescention], nor imposing no faces,
I soon realize that it's not my shorts that they're after, but rather, _____(make this Comedic) 

6. November 2009

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