Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Now I'm leaving this European land

Now I'm leaving this European land so clean, and oh so great,
To return to the land that I've been claimed to hate,
The industry focused United States in which I was raised,
Has left me rather greatly in comparison, amazed,
Comparing that European land, so green and happy,
To our home, in which the urban sprawl has proven to be crappy,
Adulterating, restraining and restricting too, it's rather astounding what the United States will do,
Whereas in Germany, that great big green nation where nature is allowed to live, and cities are contained in a tight location too,
Money, money, money is that all for what Americans care?
Sure I could be criticized for my stance, but for the sake of a tree, that is a criticism I'd be willing to bear,
High fuel prices and vehicle size is a sound law and safe side,
In the favor of nature and for all that we have made it hide,
For the paved grasses, for the torn down trees, and for all the abundant habitats that never have ceased to please,
This is a petition and this is my hope, that no matter by what means, nature may cope,
By our horrible mark, and our terrible work, this by no means can be considered a perk,
Have pity for this great green and blue earth, 
After all, for all of us, it has been the site of our birth.  

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