Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Urban dictionary is typically filled with dorm-dwelling college hipsters [SHOW DEMOGRAPHIC] who most likely have never tried the majority of Bose products. If you think Urban Dictionary is "trustworthy", [whatever the word denotes to you in your phantasy land] you need to get your head out of the clouds. Literally any aninmous person could create an account within minutes. Whereas Amazon.com (?) wait no!

I think music products are an area where your egotism leads you to believe you have some quantifiable degree of expertise. And because your ego is as large as it is, your opinion assumes the forefront of credibility in your mind, discounting anything I or anything anyone else says that may contradict it. So you unendingly argue, using various sources and methods in order to defy me, and impress yourself. 

I guess I'll continue to play along.

"The music and audio quality are also excellent."

And by the fact that this guy has not only tried Bose, but a few other brands, he is according to you Patrick, an expert: "I’ve tested a few headphones in my day and I’ve always gone back to Bose."


There's even a guy who recommends the QC15 Bose Noise-Cancelling earphones over an iPhone 3G. 


Here, the majority of the users recommend Bose over your favorite Sennheiser brand. 


Engadget, a trusted electronics site says, "Your nearest purveyor of audiophile equipment should have them already, and he should let you have a pair for $299."


If you wish to continue arguing, there's plenty more where that came from. 

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