Monday, January 20, 2014

Media Perpetuation of Love

There's just about nothing else I can think of apart from finding a girlfriend; my friends and family ask me questions like, "do you have a girlfriend yet?" or "did you get lucky yet?" to which I obviously respond "no."

The problem is that the media (primarily film and music, which I consume the most of) idealize what it is like to have a relationship and leave no other possibility nor alternative lifestyle -- and most of all, make those who have no relationship look sad or depraved.

Yes, one-to-one, intimate relationships that have the potential of growing, that are centered neither primarily around sex nor conversation, but rather, an equal and healthy balance of the two are brilliant (I'm just guessing). But is there really only one, singular route to happiness like human companionship?

If the adage, "The meaning of life is love" is true, then yes, probably. And if I want happiness (or in this sense, love), how do I get it without searching for it? I have been told by multiple friends "love will find you." But I hardly believe that. After 21 years on this planet, it seems love has skipped over me and went with all my friends and those around me. Maybe that means the one girl I do find will be exceptionally good because I've had to suffer this long?

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