Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Enjoy Racing

I enjoy racing, the thrill of speed, and energy too,
The symphony of brakes, power, and of pit crew,
The serene moment that is prolnged for hours,
Sometimes, not often, that moment, it sours, 
As you come to a halt, or worse, crash, 
May you have the decency to shake 
hands and to not bash

[He who is responsible for the incident,
The past happening, call it an accident,]

But other than that, the sheer speed,
It surges down your back, as if a creed,
With might and magic to name a few
Of the characteristics that will happen to you,
As you come around a corner at 60 plus,
Hopefully faster than that of a bus,
Or otherwise you shall surely lose,
A blemish on a driver's record, and above all, a bruise,
It is a demoralizing event, 
After the speedy straights, and sharp corners, bent,
Sadly, as a result from the trial, effort, and terror,
Should it be the result of the driver's error,
7. November 2009

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