Thursday, March 27, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 6

Types of girls to avoid:

- single girls who have dogs, because when they have dogs, they are seeking to replace their loneliness with a dog, which never ends well and they can often be, well, crazy
- girls who take too long getting ready
- girls who barely let you speak because they're taking up all the air trying to explain how every last second of her miserable life is so immensely more strenuous than yours will ever likely be
- excessively superficial girls
- girls who have no hobbies apart from shopping, getting dressed, showering, applying makeup, taking selfies or eating or girls who serve no purpose apart from standing there and looking pretty.
- girls who expect normalcy and won't let you be yourself for every moment when you stray from such nonsense as "normalcy"
- girls with egos
- hipster girls (same thing as having a massive ego, essentially)
- girls who only initially talk to you because they find you attractive (that's when you know you have a real winner on your hands and your candle-lit dinner conversations are going to be profound and your relationship will be more than a lust-driven superficial relationship)

You know who you are.

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