Friday, March 28, 2014

Loser Love Diaries 7

I asked a friend of mine yesterday, "Is it even worth getting a girlfriend?"

I came upon the idea after watching the following video:

It seems like an awful lot of work and time for a person who can suck up your time, funds and perhaps in some ways freedom.

I don't like lying. Ever. So artificially appearing busy when I am in fact not seems to me inauthentic and if a girl really wants me, she should be willing to tolerate my quirks (constant honesty). I'd say honesty and being yourself is the best defense to any of the tips suggested by the above video. If said girl can't put up with my personality, then so be it, better she finds out early on than when it's too late and we're stuck with two kids.

Of course, I have no success by which I can speak on behalf of, but my gut tells me to be honest 100 percent of the time. Perhaps when I (and in turn, the girls I want to date) get older, the more attractive they will find honesty.

I'm certainly very picky when it comes to what I find attractive, but at least I know what I want. And for better or for worse, I'm certainly not the type to change my personality for anyone. Not even for the smart-funny-humble-blonde-German-speaking-athletic-girl of my dreams.

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