Monday, March 3, 2014

A child cries for joy

Is it a girl, or a little boy?
Know I not,
Be that overwrought,
I feel nothingness,
Should it be any more or any less,
In this cold wintery abyss,
I know not how to describe this,
This empty feeling I sense before I passively take off,
And make haste, as I leave this place, of bitter weather, and great agitated, irritated tension,
Coming off a Christmas season, laden of secular luxuries, and misconstrued perceptions of the meaning of Christ's birth in the form of extravagant and generous gift-giving,
I am left to determine the true meaning of Christmas;
A time to honor Jesus Christ, our Lord, son of man, so that we may proceed to become more like our heavenly father

26. December 2009

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