Monday, March 3, 2014

Nintendo's Overwrought (Screens?)

Throughout the years, Nintendo's handhelds have received invigorating new iterations to stimulate sales both in the hardware and software departments. As evidenced by the recently announced 3DS, Nintendo's 2005 handheld has seen rather many reiterations.

The Game Boy Advance, arguably, Nintendo's only other contemporary handheld, is the only other system within recent memory to withstand multiple iterations.

It seems, to be quite frank, that Nintendo have nearly burrowed themselves in a hole -- there is very little the company can do that will not only garner such mass appeal, but also boast such NPD-sweeping sales just as the DS does today.

Needless to say, Nintendo is one of the single most inventive video game hardware and software developers out there. Responsible for the analog stick and rumble function to just name a few of the features Nintendo has contributed, the company has undoubtedly caused many seismic and minute changes in gaming as a whole.

Not to make this into a run-of-the-mill 4th grade research paper on Nintendo.

25. March 2010

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