Monday, March 3, 2014

A Selfish Lady

Some clearly dyed hair for the sake of egotism,
A face of despised freckles and overtly applied cosmetics,
A personality that screams of self-promotion, and of little more,
Pushing 'disposable' others to the wayside in order to compensate for her late arrival, which was in fact caused by her time-consuming makeup application, her scheduled televsion-viewing, as well as her delayed shower; for all of which were late for one cause, herself,
It seems the very nature of women, although it is not my intention to generalize,
To care for self and family, with a distinct emphasis on self,
To apply cosmetics, and look her best, despite defying both age and self-consciousness,
She is a body, a mouth, but without much of a cause, a revolution, a cause, any insight, or for that matter, intelligence,
She is a merely aesthetic and social being that works each day in favor of promoting herself, and mitigating others.

1. April 2010

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