Monday, March 3, 2014

The Life of a Completionist

I've been what you might call a completionist for the past two to three years now. And as someone like Shoe can attest, gaming soon becomes a far less glamorous and gratifying hobby, especially when hours are spent in a single dungeon in an RPG, or the same rank in an FPS. You know you're a completionist when you're fully willing to invest additional time into a game you've already spent tens of hours.  Yet the strangest quality of a completionist is that most cannot answer why they have such a compulsive desire to trudge through games they know front and back, just to complete various side quests, or to level up your characters to 99.

But why would anyone knowingly decide to be a completionist one day? Many a completionist are irked when one stat is not maximized, or when one hidden item still lies in its humble treasure chest in a 16-pixel cave.

18. February 2010

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