Monday, March 3, 2014

I could go out and buy you a witty Hallmark card or an expensive present you'll use once or twice. So I've outsmarted you this time!
"I know," I said to myself, "I'll get her something she can't find in any old store!"

It is everlasting,
It will take us through the good and the bad,
Through death and disease,
It is the highly-objectified cliché of love.
But unlike most clichés, mine is earnest, selfless, seeks no reward and unconditional.

It is a travesty.
That other mother-son relationships haven't been as good as ours.
That they haven't been able to say what is on their mind to each other.
Or that they haven't been around for each other -- doing nothing but to please and serve themselves.
It is a pity there isn't a built-in microchip, perhaps more logically, an instinct in us all.
One that tells us that if we truly desire to reap the benefits of a relationship, we must
be present socially, physically and spiritually,
be willing to mull over even the most tumultuous of days in day-to-day discourse,
understand that perfection is impossible
and that whoever you are today is acceptable.

25. May 2012

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