Monday, March 3, 2014

Video Games and their Bad Rap

Unless you have parents born in anything from 1970 and prior, you more than likely have gone through the same dilemma that I have: living a life full of second guesses, contemplating if I should be doing something else rather than playing video games. To almost anyone born prior that aforementioned year, video games are generally perceived as mere, alienating time-wasters full of addictive qualities that will force you to play day-in, day-out, with no tangible benefits. Most people who share this sentiment avoid games altogether for fear of becoming obsessed, much like their over-publicized gamer counterparts. Horror stories of people collapsing from non-stop MMO playing have scared off potential gamers in some instances as well.

But this sense that I've developed is not all bad. I will admit I have a compulsive personality, and having this sort of mediator working in my head while I play -- gauging what's too much game-playing time has led me to increase the replayability of many of the games I play and to maintain that I am not only a gamer, but also a student, an athlete, and a writer.

That aside...

The way people cosume media also may contribute to gaming's largely dedicated audience -- if you hadn't grown up as a child getting magazines in the mail, it's not very likely you'll start subscribing to any magazines

9. February 2010

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