Monday, March 3, 2014

Petrol-fueled vehicles contribute a great deal to the green house gases and dismantling of the ozone layer that we  so fear. Alternatives to petrol such as electricity and water vapor have incredulously been implemented by auto manufacturers in the form of various concept cars. Sadly, the bulk of those concept cars may never see the light of day, nor catch the public eye for their obscure stylings.

Should electric-powered vehicles be integrated into society within the near future, utility providers would see no reason to not charge an excessive price on electricity usage, rendering the price to charge an electric-powered vehicle nearly equal to the price at the petrol pumps. Which is even more ironic, as much of the electricity that we use today is achieved through the burning of coal. Coal, being [figure - %] more harmful to the environment than petrol...

While water vapor, nearly ideal in every aspect would set a premium on drinking and utility water, [doesn't produce the necessary horsepower relied on by many trucks and oversized vehicles in this modern age? true?]

17. December 2009

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