Monday, March 3, 2014

When Apple's iPhone wowed both tech geeks and casual music lovers alike at (event in 2007?) for its multimedia capabilities and versatility, a new standard in which all smartphones would then mimic was set.

With the introduction of the 3G version of the iPhone, the world was astounded yet again in (?) by the device's unparalleled internet speed that would cause competitors to imitate for years.

Throughout the years, devices such as the Kindle, with its book-displaying abilities, have captivated readers everywhere

That aside, leading up to Apple's January 28 event, anticipation had reach a peak level. People had no idea what Apple's next big thing might look like. But there was no denying whatever it was, it would be met by mixed reception. There was almost nothing Apple could do in order to impress everyone.

But what, if anything does all this hype over Apple's new product mean for gaming? A larger screen might better lend itself to strategic or tabletop-based games, but what about the games originally intended for the iPhone? Do iPad users miss out on all of the great apps

21. September 2010

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