Monday, March 3, 2014

Shaping the Better You/How to Achieve Ultimate Happiness

Be Optimistic
Be Confident
Be Proud
Be Genuinely Enthusiastic
Treat Yourself

Find Solace

To find solace is to find a hobby that requires creativity, one that is ever-engrossing, and may never is be ultimately completed. Writing, photography, music, and a whole sleu of various other forms of art are just a few of the creative mediums available to be taken advantage of by anyone. A hobby of this sort should satisfy, stimulate, and possibly even earn you success, if not dinner-table compliments. These hobbies generally can be honed, and improved upon over time.

A hobby should be chosen based on how much fun it provides, how much it gratifies one's self, and how much it satisfies one's basic human needs.

One must keep in mind that a creative hobby such as these may in very rare instances, be say, mathematics or science. From my personal perspective, I see both math and science as puzzles. And although most puzzles contain known answers, any pursuit to answering a question, or solving a puzzle never yet answered, nor solved before is a credible creative hobby in my mind.

Taking Risks

Risk-taking is the way we, humans  detatch ourselves from purely instinctive drives. Very little technological growth might come about, had risk-taking not been a viable course of action in all of human history.


Be Thrifty

'The key to being wise with your money is buying only that which is necessary to your survival'. While this is an easy concept to misconstrue, take this advice with a grain of salt. Contrary to the words of relics from the Great Depression, it is healthy to buy items pertaining to some aesethetic appeal, or sense of comfort or luxury. But it is not in fact all that healthy to spend an exorbitant amount of money on material goods on oneself

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