Monday, March 3, 2014

Truth be told

Truth be told, a large sum of my life has been pleasureful and hedonistic -- and to a far lesser extent, it somewhat is today.

And what I intend to get at is how I've treated others on sports teams, clubs, and school, and in return, how I've been treated throught my time spent in the arduous realm of education.

The way I see it is that I grew up in an environment that glorified everything video games, and did little to set astray anyone with even some of the unhealthiest of gaming habits. I got in my head this idea that obsessissing over video games would hold no consequences whatsoever. Suffice to say, I was mistaken in thinking this way.

I was largely introverted, and did little to embrace or form relationships. After transfering to Saint John of the Cross in
fourth grade at least, this was the case.

It was jarring going from a school in which I could do more or less whatever I wished within social acceptability. In retrospect, I'm almost convinced attending Saint Johns (which is something I absolutely don't regret) is where I get my judgemental nature. Now this is only a theory, but a big theory nonetheless - the only way I could thrive in such a volatile a social environment was to be judgemental of all that I saw - which is also why I perceive myself as rather self-conscience.

From what I've gathered over the course of this year, people enjoy the presence of a truly unique person -- they seem to enjoy spontaneous behavior,

21. April 2010

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