Monday, March 3, 2014

My father
Dishonor him,
And be dishonored,
Try to console him,
And be ignored,
Tell him he's mad,
And he'll hit you,
Tribal, primal, and hot-headed,
Never listening,
Rarely learning anymore from past mistakes,
No longer the boss, as he may think,
Never considering,
Constantly being scolded, and told what to do,
Tired of being disciplined,
Hypocritical to boot,
And angry whenever stress ensues,
He might be funny,
And often so charming,
But when he thinks he's above the law and everyone like you and me,
It is nothing less than one's responsibility to tell him straight, and set him right,
For God knows, he may end up in handcuffs, or worse yet, behind bars someday,
So it is my duty to not let him and his agitating life not assume prominence,

2. January 2010

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