Monday, March 3, 2014

iPhone Apps: Where They Are Today

What once started as a mere concept dreamt up by none other than Apple's Steve Jobs, Apple's App Store as of yet seems to be facing some severe growing pains.

By the platform's [Year] launch, it has been an [allegedly] booming success. The Store features an array of games and utility apps, and hosts nearly [number] apps total.

That aside, the Store's primary problem lately has been the fact that consumers seem to be willing to download primarily free and low-price, bite-size experiences when looking for games. Contrary to NGMoco's attempt to deliver relatively high-quality content, the 99 cent games have been bearing the most amount of fruit in terms of sales.

More often than not, it's the free, digestable-in-small-chunks, intuitive, and brilliant games that commonly attract hundreds of thousands of downloads. On the other hand, the more high-profile, more expensive (in relative terms) games are the ones that experience low sales by virtue of their pricing.

It's most common to come across console developers trying to establish their brand in the mobile space, such as Square Enix, EA, and [Console Developer], but often produce apps that are overpriced, and in the case of EA, have apps that attempt to emulate their console counterparts with little success.

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