Monday, March 3, 2014

The Disfunctional American Family

A portion of the population, consisting of various demographs, the disfunctional American family goes on the same roller coaster ride as does the nation of stars and stripes, only on a microcosmic level. Treachery, secret-keeping, blaming, fighting, invariable disagreement, and incessant arguing are what tie nation and family.

Everyone has an opinion, no matter who's right, who is most articulate, who has the most virtuous or altruistic intentions, or is the most steadfast in his or her constant and unwavering reinforcement, the debates, primal or civil, solve very little, as the participants will invariably be staunch in holding onto their beliefs, hoping to pressure his or her opponent into submission. Not being able to arrive at a single rule for all to abide by will serve as a crutch to any disfunctional American family.

The reason everyone does in fact have his or her own opinion may likely be due to the compartmentalized nature of the modern American home; the father may take the family room to watch his favorite sports team, the mother might take the kitchen, should she be a cook, the daughter might go to her room for constant study, or to the family office to unendingly tend to her many relationships, while the relaxed son may probably resort to the basement, or alternative family entertainment room, as if to avoid the naysaying and frowning that may come about from the pastime of playing video games.

This compartmentalization oftentimes leads a family's various members to become accustomed to living in disharmony -- spending time merely satisfying themselves, rarely enjoying things together, much less talking anywhere else other than primarily the dinner table.

12. January 2010

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