Monday, March 3, 2014

Stupid Girl,
Poor English, and clichés abound,
Lacking articulation,
And any logic,
How has such a universal skill such as speaking gone neglected,
It is the cental skill by which all things may be achieved,
It allows individuals to communicate with detailed and complex matters coherently,
But no, this mid-20s girl spoke about as intelligently as a first-grader learning to add and subtract,
Using all of a handful of words, this girl convey thoughts and ideas with unequivocal simplicity,
Ignorant of the existense of adverbs, this girl comes as a profound testament to how little care teachers commonly place on such a basic ability as communicating with others,
But then again, I suppose at an early age, all of the preschoolers must have congregated during recess, with mobile phones in hand, avowing themselves to a pact that would forever thenafter render true ingenious thinkers a rarity.
The cadre of preschoolers later went on to begin a nation-sweeping cult, convincing children everywhere to participate in this passive resistance that would only seek to promote 1337 speak, and the respective vernaculars of Twitter and the language mobile phone companies have been apt to promote.

21. September 2010

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